Too many elected representatives spend vast amounts of time being out-and-about during a campaign, only to disappear once in office.  This is unfortunate and in my opinion bad governance.  You are not a good public servant if you actively hide from those you represent.  Yes, they may ask hard questions and put you in difficult positions.  But, their job IS to ask the hard questions as your job is to find and give the hard answers.

From a youth spent annoying school administrators via student government to college philanthropic volunteerism, from Americorps VISTA volunteer service with Washington County to the USD 223 school board, and from teaching social service classes to spearheading Rotary International Toys for Tots efforts: I have been called to service. I have worked 60-70 hours a week for years giving to my community. This is a true part of what I feel I should do for my town, state, country, and world that have given me so much.

You may see me on the campaign trail doing things for others, but it will be unlikely that you will be seeing these things from me for the first time (or last). Character is something I express in my daily life and not just when it is politically expedient. And, this is something you can count on me taking to Topeka!


It’s time for a fresh voice for common sense.


Candidate for Kansas House of Representatives, District 106


 May 16, 2016


Marysville Democrat Announces Candidacy for Kansas House


Marysville, KS- Todd E Frye, Marysville City Councilman has formally announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the 106th district seat in the Kansas House of Representatives.  The Kansas primary election will be held August 2nd, 2016.

Todd grew up in Haddam in western Washington County and has a long record of service to the 106th, spending a year as an Americorps volunteer in Washington County, two terms on the Marysville City Council and one term on the USD 223 school board.  Todd is married to Rachel Frye and has three daughters, Kayenta, Dahlia, and Astoria.  He earned a political science degree from Baker University.

Todd believes the 106th needs a reliable vote for local schools, fair taxation, and sound budgets.  Rural Kansans need their local schools to provide the high quality education we’ve always enjoyed.  Todd understands that by not asking every Kansan to pay their fair share, we’re jeopardizing our future with bad roads, neglected public safety, and underfunded hospitals.  Mr. Frye seeks to serve the 106th with honesty, fidelity, and fairness.

The Kansas 106th House District includes all of Republic, Washington, and Marshall Counties as well as the eastern third of Jewell County. Todd can be reached at FryeForKansas@gmail.com or by phone at (785) 859-4056.


785-859-4056 / FryeForKansas@gmail.com


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